Triple H Defeats Jinder Mahal Clean 24 Hours After Losing To Roman Reigns In Same Manner

What's good for The Big Dog isn't good for the Maharaja...

Triple H has defeated former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal clean in the middle of the ring at a house show in New Delhi, India, 24 hours after losing to Roman Reigns in the same manner.

A Pedigree was enough for The Game to overcome Jinder tonight, as a Reigns Spear saw him fall short in his quest for Intercontinental Championship gold last night. After the match between the WrestleMania 32 main eventers, The Bar and Samoa Joe attacked The Big Dog but HHH made the save along with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. The Abu Dhabi show ended with Reigns and Hunter shaking hands in the middle of the ring.

As for the New Delhi show this evening, per a live blog by the Indian Express, The King Of Kings was on the back foot for large portions of the encounter, and even looked like he was going to lose at one stage as an interference from The Singh brothers allowed Mahal to shoot him into the steel stairs and injure his knee.

However, the finish of the match saw the Executive Vice President of more things than I've had hot dinners sidestep a Mahal attack, seeing Modern Day Maharaja's shoulder hit the ring post before a Pedigree was enough for the one, two, three.

It wasn't all bad news for Jinder on the night, as after the match HHH told of his respect for his opponent and that India "is in good hands" with the former 3MB member, who takes on AJ Styles for the WWE Championship at Clash Of Champions on December 17.

Jinder, Hunter, and The Singh Brothers then performed Bhangra together in the middle of the ring and looked like they were having a WHALE of a time.


Following the night's event, Jinder tweeted the following: "Thanks #WWEUniverse India for a night I will never forget. Regardless of the outcome" it was one of the greatest nights of my life. Hats off to @TripleH, nothing but respect. @wweindia"

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