Triple H Names The WWE & NXT Superstars He'd Love To Work With

"It's a pretty long list."

Triple H has admitted the list of superstars he would love to work with in WWE and NXT is 'pretty long'.

The Game has spoken openly in recent interviews about how his role as NXT Executive Producer and working backstage for WWE takes up more than being an in-ring competitor, but The King Of Kings confessed he can't help but look at the current crop of talent and think about stepping into the ring with some of them.

Speaking to Sports Nation, Triple H said: "It's a pretty long list. Because you never turn that side of it off. I guess it's like being in a band or something. Cool music is cool music. I watch talent now and look for their strengths and weaknesses, just like I did when I working with them.

"I see all these guys and its the AJ's and people like that. Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre; people that are on the main roster that I go 'love to do that with them.'

"But then I pass that and I look at NXT and I'm like 'Balor, Ciampa, Gargano, Pete Dunne.' There's so many talent that are out there that are incredible performers that I'd love to work with. 

"Of course in your mind you're also 30 and not 52 envisioning this. So there's a difference also. But there's a lot of people, if I had to make a list, there's a lot of people I'd like to work with."

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