Triple H Reveals Reason Why WWE Haven't Staged Major PPV In UK Since 1992

The company are trying to work things out and make it happen though...

A rogue NXT TakeOver special towards the end of 2015 aside, WWE fans in the United Kingdom have been starved of any meaningful shows airing from their shores. Fans wanting Vince McMahon to fly his Superstars over to the UK for a big stadium show often point to the perceived success of SummerSlam 1992: a legitimate house of 80,000, The British Bulldog, Bret Hart, Nailz, Virgil - the lot.

However, in an interview with The Express, Triple H has spoken about WWE's call to resist holding any major main roster PPV specials in the UK over the past 26 years. The Game claims that while SummerSlam '92 looked to be a resounding success to those outside of the company, those on the inside saw the results of that show very differently.

"I always hear about Wembley, I always hear it was such a massive success," said HHH. "It was not. I will just say that from a business standpoint, it was not. That’s why we didn’t come back and that’s why we’re still trying to figure it out. So when the time is right, absolutely.”

That quote will be music to the ears of fans in the UK - Triple H could have ruled out another big event airing from the UK, but he didn't. WWE are working on it making financial sense for them and that's fair enough really.

WWE are setting quite the precedent for holding big shows other countries at the moment, with the Greatest Royal Rumble, Super Show-Down, and (at the time of writing) Crown Jewel seeing massive crowds attend what have been glorified house shows to date. And according to Hunter, these shows look like being something we should get used to seeing going forward, as long as the time and location makes sense.

“As far as the ability to have larger Pay-Per-Views and larger events, yeah. I think you see that happening now. I just came back from Australia, 70,000 people in the stadium. I think those things become clearer and clearer as we’re experimenting with other things. The time zones are the big kicker. We have to go where the most people can watch."

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