Triple H Says 'Incredible' Women's Title Match At WWE NXT Takeover: Vengeance Day Could Have Gone Longer

The NXT Women's title match at TakeOver had been allocated 20 minutes

Triple H has revealed the Women's Championship match at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day had been allocated 20 minutes but was impressed with the storytelling in the shorter time used. 

Io Shirai retained the NXT Women's title in a fantastic triple threat outing against Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez, with the reigning champion pinning Martinez after around 12 minutes of action. 

In his regular post-NXT TakeOver media call, Triple H was asked if the Women's title match had been shorter by design, with the Executive Producer revealing that the trio had actually been given a longer period to use. 

The Game was delighted with how Shirai, Storm and Martinez put on a spectacular match using the time they wanted, and said having matches with the same length across the card would lead to criticism anyway. 

Triple H said: “They had a window that was much bigger than that. I think bell-to-bell they went somewhere in the neighbourhood of twelve, thirteen [minutes], I don’t remember precisely, but I think that’s where they went to. But they had what they wanted. 

"I think it was laid out at twenty, just as a window, but they had what they wanted. There were a few things in there I know that didn’t go exactly how they had planned it. I don’t necessarily mean mistakes on their part, but tables breaking, things happening beyond peoples control, that made them go in different directions.

“It’s a funny thing sometimes, people get caught up in, ‘Well, jeez, how could they not go twenty minutes?’ But it’s a funny—if you go twenty minutes on all the matches, everybody goes, ‘everybody went 20 minutes on a TakeOver?’ [and that gets criticized] You can never make everybody happy. I thought they had a spectacular match, an incredible performance from all three of them."

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