Triple H Says WWE Will Start Testing Everyone For COVID-19 When More Reliable Tests Are Available

He reiterated their current measures are working...

Since the beginning of May, All Elite Wrestling and UFC have tested everyone at their tapings for coronavirus. Cody Rhodes recently outlined that AEW is doing initial testing with the COVID-19 Rapid Test which detects coronavirus antibodies. If this test comes back as positive, the person would then get the swab test to confirm whether the initial result was a positive or a false positive.

WWE is yet to introduce coronavirus testing, but the company has put other measures in place including taking everyone's temperature and having them checked out by a doctor before shows. The WWE Performance Center and Full Sail University are also disinfected regularly while the ring canvas is changed after every match. 

Triple H was asked about COVID-19 testing during a media call ahead of NXT TakeOver: In Your House. The Game reiterated the company has other medical protocols in place which have stopped the spread of coronavirus and said WWE will introduce testing when more reliable tests are available. 

Triple H said: "The testing that we do is, we have obviously medical experts on our team led by Dr. Maroon, Dr. Dugas, so they work with CDC and the government to determine what is the best approach for us to take to ensure the safety and the wellness of our performers and that is what we do. That is working with the local and federal government. 

"When you begin to talk about various types of testing, and there is a lot of that thrown around, the accuracy of those tests becomes questionable and how and everything else. So, we need to do what we're being told to do by the medical experts and once that widespread testing that is accurate becomes available we will do so. But the accuracy of those tests has to be there first. But in the meantime, our medical protocols are extensive, and most importantly, they've worked."

Medical experts have previously outlined that current coronavirus tests aren't 100 percent accurate. The NHS in the United Kingdom currently advises that the swab test detects approximately 70 percent of coronavirus infections, while the FDA in the United States has previously questioned the accuracy of the COVID-19 Rapid Test. To combat this, however, the FDA is currently recommending people be tested a second time and to still self-isolate if a test comes back as negative and they are showing symptoms of coronavirus. 


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