Triple H Tells WWE NXT Talent They Can Discuss Black Lives Matter With Him

"That's an ally," AJ Francis said...

Protests have erupted throughout the world after George Floyd died in police custody on May 25. Floyd died after Derek Chauvin kneeled on his neck for over nine minutes, sparking demonstrations against racism and police violence.

Numerous figures in the professional wrestling world have voiced their support for Black Lives Matter, and WWE reportedly introduced new diversity measures last week, including 24/7 mental health counselling and a direct email address employees and talent can use to bring diversity-related concerns to the company's attention. 

NXT Superstar AJ Francis revealed Triple H also told all talent on the black and gold brand they can talk to him about Black Lives Matter if they ever want to discuss it. 

The former NFL nose tackle tweeted: "While somebody out here snitchin to these dirt sheets about everything, somebody need to snitch that @TripleH came & told us all that if we today, tomorrow or ever want to talk to him about our feelings on ‪#BlackLivesMatter he wants to have that convo."

"And HE DONT HAVE TO DO THAT and he still made sure we knew that we could... that's an ally."

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