Trish Stratus Doesn't Think Ronda Rousey Gets Enough Credit

Trish Stratus thinks Ronda Rousey deserves more credit

To say Ronda Rousey was a divisive figure in WWE would be an understatement, with the ‘Rowdy’ former WWE Women’s Champion ‘enjoying’ a love/hate relationship with the WWE audience.

Despite her reception from the fanbase, Rousey seemingly has a supporter in the shape of WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus, with Trish defending Rousey’s contributions to WWE during a conversation with TalkSport:

“She did such a great job and probably doesn’t get enough credit for what she did,” Stratus said. “To be able to come over to an entirely new industry… it’s not the same. Did she feel like it didn’t translate when she did her wrestling? Absolutely it did, she had stellar matches with stellar athletes and had her own style. She brought over the fan base and brought so much to our product, it was great.”

Stratus continued, recalling her first meeting with the former UFC star:

“I remember when we first met and I was like, ‘this is so cool, it’s Ronda Rousey!,'” Stratus said. “I was just in awe of her, it takes a lot of guts to come over [from UFC to WWE] and put all your eggs in this basket, and she did that.

“I think she translated quite well, and I wanted to tell her, but she fangirled and that was cool because I didn’t expect that! I was happy to know she was a fan growing up and I loved that she got to make the decision to get to the top of the business, then take a break to have a baby and do that side. This is an amazing career, but there’s also life, right? You have to think about that, too.”

Rousey departed WWE in late 2023, and made several appearances on the American independent circuit, including a stop in Tony Khan's Ring of Honor.

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