Trish Stratus: Great Storytelling Can Happen In Intergender Wrestling

Stratus worked with some of the biggest male names in wrestling

Trish Stratus has reiterated her stance as an advocate for intergender wrestling and interactions, pointing to how it helped develop her into a big star. 

Stratus, widely regarded as one of WWE's best-ever female superstars, tagged in intergender matches alongside John Cena and The Rock and was previously involved in intergender storylines alongside the likes of Chris Jericho, The Dudley Boyz and Vince McMahon. 

The WWE Hall Of Famer believes that the use of intergender wrestling can be a great tool to develop stories and characters in ways otherwise not possible.

Stratus told Busted Open Radio: "I'm a huge fan of it. I feel that's a big part of me getting over as a character; fans getting able to see the females and males integrated together.

"To me, it wasn't male and female, it was 'this character' and 'this character' being able to mix it up. We had a huge roster of amazing characters so when you can mix it up, it's really cool.

"There's great storytelling that can happen when you have a big man and the girl. There were so many priceless spots. It's cinematic gold, can tell a great story, and can develop characters and storylines."

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