Tucker Pitched For Heavy Machinery To Be "Barbecue Guys" In WWE


Former WWE Superstar Levi Cooper (FKA Tucker) has revealed he pitched for Heavy Machinery to be barbecue guys on WWE TV. 

Cooper pitched the idea to Vince McMahon ahead of SmackDown's move to Fox, though, which ultimately meant the idea "fell by the wayside."

"I was trying so hard to pitch us as barbecue guys and having aprons made to sell. I could never get it going, which was disappointing. I pitched it like APA-style where, if we were never on the show, we just stand in the back and barbecue. You're not going to tell me we wouldn't get good stuff," Cooper told OTR Show.

"We had some good meetings with Vince and touched on some ideas. He seemed to like the barbecue idea. Everything is about timing there. We pitched it, he liked it, but it was right around the move to Fox and there were other things going on so it fell by the wayside. We didn't understand how to keep our foot on the pedal. It was something I learned, but it was too late."

Heavy Machinery were split up in October 2020 at Hell In A Cell. Otis has since turned heel and formed a new tag team with Chad Gable. Tucker was briefly used as a jobber on WWE Raw following the split and he was released by the company in April.

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