Tucker Predicts He And Otis Will Team Together Again

Will Heavy Machinery ride once more?

When WWE split Heavy Machinery it seemed a little out of the blue, and definitely under-developed, with Tucker battering Otis and leaving him in the dust, causing the latter to lose the MITB briefcase.

The split led to little of note for Tucker, with the two never having a proper singles feud, before Tucker was released from the company in April 2021. It seemed like the days of Heavy Machinery were all but done.

Now known as Levi Cooper, the former Tucker spoke with Sportskeeda Wrestling Unskripted about the former team’s relationship and what the future holds:

"Yeah, I mean, just being around him, out of the ring, you know, we have a very genuine brotherhood. Still do. We talk to each other every week. I love the man. I wish him nothing but success," Cooper stated.

"I pretty much have no doubt in my mind that at some point in time down the road, we will get back together and do our thing. Whether that's in WWE or not, who knows, you know, I think my downfall was unfortunate."

H/T: Sportskeeda Wrestling

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