Tyson Kidd Praises Lana's Work Ethic

“Lana never shows up and doesn't work hard."

Lana’s WWE release was a surprise to many. The former valet of Rusev had clearly been working hard on her in-ring skills and was still a prominent part of WWE television when she was let go by the fed.

Lana herself spoke on Talk is Jericho about how she was working hard to improve her skills in Natalya and TJ Wilson's (Tyson Kidd) training centre, and Wilson himself has come out in support of Lana.

Talking to The TWC Podcast, Wilson said:

"I'm a big fan of hers. She's been improving. Lana is always that person who wants to get better at all times. She'll ask every question in the book, in a good way. She started working with me in September or October and she had been working hard. She was training with me last weekend. She always comes through and always working hard. Lana never shows up and doesn't work hard."

As for Lana’s next move, time will tell. Some expect her to follow husband Miro to AEW, but wherever she ends up, if she brings the same level of focus and determination that she did to training then she’s sure to succeed.

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