Undertaker Stopped Finlay From 'Attacking' Former WWE Tag Team Star

Finlay was irate after a former WWE star disobeyed orders

His name is Finlay, and he loves to fight. 

Perhaps it should have been no surprise to former WWE star Robbie McCallister, who wrestled as one half of the Highlanders tag team, when the Belfast Bruiser threatened to batter him after the Scottish wrestler ignored strict WWE orders. 

Robbie had attended a TNA Impact taping during WrestleMania 24 week (both shows were taking place in Orlando), despite instructions not to do so. TNA ended up showing McAllister on television, under his real name Derek Graham-Couch next to the caption 'WWE Superstar'. 

Per Robbie's tag partner Rory (speaking on the Cheap Heat Productions podcast), Finlay was so angry at the situation that he had to be restrained by The Undertaker. 

"Fit lost his sh*t. Fit was irate. Obviously, I understand where he's coming from. He made a lunge and 'Taker actually stopped him and went, 'Dave [Fit's real name], calm the f*ck down', because Robbie had the balls to do what he did, whether he did it on purpose or not, and I’m almost certain he did, he had the balls to do that and he walked right back into the bar to face the music". 

According to Rory, The Deadman had respect for Robbie for standing his ground. 

"Robbie stood his ground. I've punched Robbie in the face before. He can take a shot, and he stood there and took his shot like a man, and I think 'Taker really respected that from him. He's like, 'Fit, calm down, the boy f*cked up, he'll pay his penalties, now leave him the f*ck alone'".

The Highlanders were both released by WWE a few months later. 

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