Update On New WWE World Heavyweight Title Lineage

Clarification on the lineage of the new World Heavyweight Championship

Following the Night of Champions 2023 premium live event in Saudi Arabia, Seth Rollins is the brand new World Heavyweight Champion. In the lead-up to this event, fans were left wondering about the lineage of this belt and whether it would carry forth the legacy of the old ‘Big Gold’ which existed in the NWA and WCW before becoming WWE property following the Monday Night Wars, or whether it would be its own new title. There is now some clarification on this. 

WWE’s website was updated after Rollins’ victory, and it looks as though this new belt has started its own lineage, with the old World Heavyweight Championship being under the ‘retired’ category. Additionally, WWE released a new piece of Rollins merch which had the words 'inaugural World Heavyweight Champion’ on it, which is another sign pointing towards the fact that this is considered to be a different championship. 

At the Night of Champions event itself, commentary could be heard discussing the new design of this prize, stating the eagle on it was paying homage to the old Winged Eagle design, and the crown was paying tribute to Bruno Sammartino. There was no mention of the similarities between this title and ‘Big Gold’ though, oddly.

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Written by Andrew Kelly