Update On Stephanie Vaquer Possibly Signing With WWE Or AEW

Between WWE and AEW, which company is the CMLL star most likely to land in?

Following her impressive performance against Mercedes Moné at Forbidden Door 2024, it was reported by Mexican outlet Record that Stephanie Vaquer had been offered deals by both WWE and AEW.

There has now been an update on the situation courtesy of LuchaBlog, who writes: 

"A source tells me Vaquer is under contract to CMLL at the moment, and has significant time left on that contract. The length of her contract is also not expected to matter much. CMLL has let wrestlers out of their deals when they have a big US offer, as long as they’re kept in the loop about the situation. [...] Vaquer has a lot of loyalty towards CMLL, but any serious offer from AEW and WWE will likely be more than CMLL is willing to pay.

"Vaquer has not confirmed the story, nor given any indication of which company she might prefer. She has history with both WWE – a tryout many years ago – and AEW. Vaquer has compelling reasons to go [to either] promotion. We also have no idea what each company is offering her, if the story is correct. There are plenty of people on social media who will tell you she’s going to [one promotion or the other]; I’m going to tell you we don’t have near enough information to pretend that we know."

Vaquer started out in CMLL in 2019, and has since also appeared in promotions such as New Japan Pro-Wrestling, STARDOM and RevPro. 

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