Update On Triple H's Involvement In WWE NXT

How much influence does Triple H have on WWE NXT?

Before he took over WWE creative following Vince McMahon’s exit from the company, Triple H had already earned tons of plaudits for how he ran NXT, turning the ‘developmental’ wing of WWE into the company’s third brand.

Whilst his hands are full with Raw and SmackDown, it is often wondered how much of a say Triple H still has on NXT, and during the recent pre-NXT Deadline media call, Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels said the following about ‘The Game’s involvement:

"I'm very fortunate he trusts me. So, there's been almost no communication over the last several weeks," said Michaels. "He's just been so busy; he's got so much going on. I don't wanna add any problems to it. If there was something very urgent I guess that I feel like we need or a question that I need answered, I know that he'll hit me back, but right now, we're running what we feel like is pretty good down here. We understand what they want from us and from the talent. So, to me, I always feel like no news is good news, and if nobody's calling me and I'm not bothering them, I feel like everybody is happy with what's going on." 

Michaels has been working with NXT since 2016, later deputising as head of NXT when Triple H suffered a cardiac event in late 2021. Michaels has been in charge of the brand ever since. 

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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