Update On Unhappiness Within WWE Over Twitch Ban

Several wrestlers have already suspended their streams...

A handful of WWE personnel have exited their personal streaming channels in the past several days, following an edict on third party platform usage issued last month by Vince McMahon.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer has noted the unrest from wrestlers regarding the situation, saying, "There's a lot of unhappiness. I don't know how many people are talking to (former Presidential candidate) Andrew Yang, but I know there are several people talking to Andrew Yang. And it's a really interesting thing because you know the election's coming. From a Vince standpoint, his timing of making this move is terrible."

Meltzer also notes similar situations with other businesses in regards to the "independent contractor" label, adding, "I see FedEx and Lyft and Uber...these companies are *way* bigger than Vince, and they're losing the 'independent contractor' fight. The only thing Vince has going for him in comparison is that it's only a couple hundred guys and he's insignificant.

"But if he's got somebody like Yang who's going to champion the cause, and who's sort of a fan, and the key is *knows* wrestlers, he's on the wrong side of the fight.

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