Updated Estimate On AEW Double Or Nothing Total Buys

More good news for the upstart promotion...

In an update on AEW Double or Nothing yesterday, Dave Meltzer was quoted as saying on Wrestling Observer Radio, “The PPV numbers are looking a lot better this week. 98,500 is looking like the lowest possible number. It could be well above that.”

In this week's edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer provided a wider range for Double or Nothing's projected buys, saying the total is, "...estimated at somewhere between 98,500 and 113,000 buys worldwide."

Anything above 100,000 would make AEW only the third wrestling promotion, following WWE and WCW, to breach six figures in pay-per-view buys. IMPACT Wrestling only hit 60,000 once (Genesis 2006), and ECW maxed out at 99,000 for Heat Wave 1999.

For further context, if the total ends up on the higher end at 113,000, that puts Double or Nothing not too far behind some of WWE's secondary pay-per-views in the final years before the launch of the Network in 2014. In AEW's case, that's without the aid of a weekly TV product.

Some of WWE's lower performers of the era include Over the Limit 2011 (142,000), Money in the Bank 2010 (162,000), Cyber Sunday 2008 (153,000), and Bragging Rights 2010 (137,000).

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