Vanessa Borne Was Sent Back To WWE NXT After Sharing RETRIBUTION Concerns

"I still think back and kick myself and think I should have sat there, nodded, and been happy"

Vanessa Borne was released by WWE last month and the former NXT Superstar has been sharing more about her time with the company with PWInsider.

Borne was called up to the main roster in early 2020 after signing a new deal with the company, but she never debuted on Raw or SmackDown and hadn't wrestled in over a year at the time of her release.

Chelsea Green has previously revealed WWE scrapped plans for a faction with The Hot Mess, Borne and Santana Garrett. Borne revealed to PWInsider that WWE then pitched for her to be in RETRIBUTION, but the idea was scrapped and The Vision was sent back to NXT after she shared her concerns about joining the faction. 

"After that, I was called in and they had a pitch where I was part of RETRIBUTION. I was excited about being on TV for something, but I had a lot of questions. I wanted to know what the group was about and how I fit in. I had some concerns because, during this time, there was stuff around the country with violence and we're watching this unfold and it's not pretty. I wanted to know if the group was mimicking that," she stated.

"I expressed those concerns, but ultimately, I wanted to do what I was told and tried to figure out how I could help. Within the week, I got a call from Mark Carano saying, 'We're not going to have you as part of RETRIBUTION and we're going to pull your contract. You're getting sent back to NXT.'"

Borne later admitted she "kicks herself" for having shared her concerns. 

"It felt like I got kicked in the gut. I would never want them to think that I didn't think an idea wasn't good or that I didn't want to participate. I would do anything and had done everything to that point. After we talked, I sent him a text that said, 'I'm so sorry if I came across not wanting to be part of anything. I'm here to work. I'm willing to do whatever.' He just said, 'This is where we're at.' I still think back and kick myself and think I should have sat there, nodded, and been happy," she continued. 

"I was happy, I might have just given the wrong impression. Lesson learned. Sometimes I tend to be blunt and I don't know if that's what came across when it came to asking questions or having concerns. Maybe that isn't the reason and it's something totally different, it just happened to fall in line with how everything went down. I put those two things together."

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