Vickie Guerrero Reveals She's Written A Book On Her Life With Eddie

Will be seeking a publisher in the coming weeks

Vickie Guerrero guested recently on AEW Unrestricted. There, the AEW manager shared some anecdotes about her life and times with husband Eddie Guerrero.

While regaling stories of Eddie cheating at family card games (thus living up to his on-screen mantra), Vickie revealed that she was in the process of writing a book about her time as the wife of the legendary wrestler.

Pressed for more details on the book, Vickie said, “In the next three weeks, we’re going to the publishers, and we’re going to try and sell our book. I’ve been working on it for the last three years, and with COVID, everything just stopped, but we’re starting to pick it up again and things are starting to open in New York.

“So hopefully we get a buyer, then we’ll go to print and then it’ll be released probably, hopefully, by August or September, but I’m really proud of the book. And it’s my side of living with Eddie and going through life as a housewife and then turning into a Superstar, so it’s pretty incredible.”

(Credit to Inside the Ropes for transcription)

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