Victoria Claims Bayley And Ruby Riott Calmed Her Nerves Prior To WWE Royal Rumble 2021

Her first WWE match in 12 years

The 2021 Royal Rumble marked the first time since WrestleMania 25 in April of 2009 that Victoria stepped inside a WWE ring.

Entering the women's Rumble match from the number ten spot, Victoria lasted seven minutes in the fray, before being eliminated by Shayna Baszler.

Victoria recalled the experience on the GAW TV Podcast, and admitted that she was anxious about the amount of offense she was being given into the match.

“I thought I was gonna come in there and bump and feed for everybody else, and let everybody else shine on me because that’s what I’m used to," Victoria said. "When I found out, we had a rehearsal, just to find out what number we’re coming in and stuff like that and… I don’t know, it was crazy, and when they were like, Victoria is coming back, she’s gonna clean house, everybody’s been waiting for her to be coming back, I couldn’t even talk. I started crying. 

"The response from the other workers, the girls, I didn’t think I was going to be, I thought they were going to go, oh, who the hell is this coming back? I don’t know, I had no clue."

Victoria added that among those who helped steady her nerves was an old fan.

"Bayley, I remember coming to two autograph signings. I was with Maven and then I was with Edge on one. You hear a girl going, I’m going to be a wrestler just like you, but you hear that all the time. [Usually] They don’t put the work in, they don’t know you have to move to this place and give up your family and all that sacrifice you do. Bayley was like, her and Ruby [Riott] kept on coming up [and asking] do you want to go over anything, do you have it? They were just so helpful at making me feel calm.”

(Credit to ITR Wrestling for transcription)

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