Vince McMahon: Bret Hart Was The Most Credible WWE Champion Ever

The best there is. The best there was. The best there ever will be.

Despite everything that has gone on between Vince McMahon and bret Hart throughout the years, McMahon can still admit what a phenomenal talent The Hitman was in his prime.

Speaking as part of the A&E Biography documentary special on Bret, McMahon credited him with succeeding as a ‘smaller man’ in WWE’s ‘land of the giants’:

“Although he is very technical, very sound, very believable,” said McMahon “Bret was not as big as some of our other performers. But, Bret stayed in there and hung in there, and eventually, everyone recognised his skill and the rest is history.

“Bret is an unusual cat. Man, that was a real champion. The credibility factor with Bret, I think, will be the highest of anyone we ever had as champion.”

To fans of The Hitman, McMahon’s thoughts will come as no surprise, as The Excellence of Execution built his career off of sound fundamentals, and made you feel like you were watching a legitimate combat sports athlete whenever he got in the ring. Hart’s style and size earned him a legion of fans the world over, and his influence on the business can still be felt today.

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