Vince McMahon Considered WWE Board Investigation Into Hush Money Payments An Act Of Disloyalty

Vince McMahon felt betrayed by WWE Board after hush money payments investigation

Vince McMahon may be back in WWE due to the sports entertainment giant’s merger with UFC, over a year after ‘retiring’ as part of an investigation into hush money payments McMahon is alleged to have paid out, as well as investigations into ‘serious assaults’ levied at McMahon.

A new piece on McMahon’s turbulent year by the LA Times has alleged that McMahon himself felt personally betrayed by the WWE board because of the investigation. McMahon returned to WWE in January 2023 despite being ousted by the board after a unanimous vote, leveraging his majority voting power to enable his return.

After his return, McMahon removed three directors from the board, electing himself to one of the vacant positions, and elected two former co-presidents of the company in George Barrios and Michelle Wilson in their place.

McMahon’s future has been plunged into fresh doubt, as the report further suggests Vince could be forced to stand down from his position on the TKO board over federal government investigations into the hush money payments. 

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