Vince McMahon Files Response To Janel Grant Lawsuit

Vince McMahon responds to Janel Grant's lawsuit

Lawyers defending Vince McMahon in the disgraced former WWE Chairman's lawsuit with former WWE employee Janel Grant have issued a filing on his behalf. 

In the memorandum, McMahon vehemently denies the claims made against him, including that he coerced Grant into unwanted sexual encounters or that he physically or sexually assaulted her. McMahon's side also disputes that Grant was either dealing with grief or struggling financially at the time they met in 2019, noting that Grant’s father passed away on April 18, 2017 and that his marital status was listed as ‘widowed’ (meaning Grant’s mother passed away before that). They also claim that Grant’s father lived in a senior care home and denied that Grant provided ‘around the clock care’ for him. 

Responding via a statement sent to POST Wrestling and Wrestlenomics, Grant’s lawyer Ann Callis said: 

“Vince McMahon has never known a storyline that he doesn’t twist to fit his own shameful narrative. Her father was in in-home hospice during his final days where Janel continued to care for him around the clock. Prior to his death, she had been caring for her blind, wheelchair-bound mother. Using the grief of someone who lost both of her parents is an all new level of disgusting”.

McMahon’s side also claimed that both McMahon and Grant were in relationships with other people when they had an affair, and that Grant was living with fiancée Brian Goncalves in the same condo as McMahon when they met. 

Countering that assertion in another statement to POST Wrestling and Wrestlenomics, Callis said: 

“She was not dating at the time. Her ex-boyfriend allowed her to stay in the apartment as she rebuilt her life and resume post-taking care of her parents. She had no job and no other financial support to lean back on”.

The 29-page document ends with McMahon requesting the case be settled via arbitration and does not proceed to trial.  

A recent report suggested that Vince McMahon is likely to be finished in pro wrestling when the 78-year-old’s remaining TKO stock is sold. Federal authorities also continue to investigate several allegations of sexual assault against McMahon stretching back to the 1980s.

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