Vince McMahon Likely Finished With Pro Wrestling When Remaining TKO Shares Are Sold

Latest on Vince McMahon's future in pro wrestling

Vince McMahon may well be completely done with professional wrestling later this year. 

McMahon resigned as TKO Executive Chairman in January 2024 after he was accused in a lawsuit filed by former WWE employee Janel Grant of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and physical and emotional abuse. McMahon has since continued to sell his shares in TKO Group Holdings, the parent company of WWE and UFC, and the 78-year-old registered to sell his remaining 8 million shares last week. 

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has reported that the majority of people he has spoken to believe McMahon will be done with pro wrestling when his shares in TKO are sold due to his age, reputation, and lack of openings in the industry. McMahon would be able to set up a new promotion in January 2025 when his one-year non-compete clause expires. 

A key player within pro wrestling noted that McMahon is unlikely to return as they believe he would struggle to secure a TV deal due to the Janel Grant lawsuit. Someone who worked with Vince McMahon for years believes he "would be dangerous even now" but that McMahon would fail to get a TV deal in the current climate. People within WWE who believe there is no chance of McMahon setting up a new promotion admitted he would be "formidable" if the 78-year-old did launch a new company, however. 

Although unlikely, "one of the most powerful players behind the scenes" actually thinks there is a good chance McMahon will set up his own promotion when the one-year non-compete expires as professional wrestling is too big a part of his life. 

WWE have looked to distance themselves from Vince McMahon since January, with WWE repeatedly emphasising the beginning of the 'Triple H era' during WrestleMania 40. 

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