Vince McMahon Mentioned By Max Caster In Latest Rap

Max Caster mocks Vince McMahon

Max Caster certainly caused a stir at an independent wrestling event on Sunday night. 

Caster was in action at Alpha-1 Wrestling's return show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada as he faced Dan The Dad and Rohit Raju in a Three-Way. Before the match got underway, though, Caster did his typical pre-match rap and mocked Vince McMahon, telling Raju: "You wanna try me on the mic? Get a different plan, because I'm freaky with the words like I'm Vince McMahon." 

The words generated audible gasps from the fans in attendance as Caster did a little dance. 

Caster has previously found himself in hot water with All Elite Wrestling and he was "put on ice" by the promotion after mentioning Simone Biles' mental health, fake PCR tests, and rape accusations against the Duke University men's lacrosse team in an AEW Dark rap in August 2021. He returned a few weeks later, and it was later revealed that Caster's raps are now pre-approved by Tony Khan. If this policy applies to Caster's independent wrestling appearances is unknown. 

Vince McMahon was accused of sex trafficking, sexual assault, and physical and emotional abuse on January 25 by former WWE employee Janel Grant in a lawsuit that also named WWE and John Laurinaitis as defendants. McMahon has since resigned as TKO Executive Chairman and the allegations against him are under federal investigation

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