Vince McMahon Reportedly Signed Secret NDAs Without WWE's Knowledge

Vince McMahon reportedly signed off on NDAs behind WWE's back

The wrestling world has been rocked with the recent Vince McMahon lawsuit, sparking a federal investigation and a sea of new information which keeps coming to light. A new big piece of information provided in a report by VICE’s Tim Marchman has revealed that the NDA’s drawn up and signed by Vince McMahon to various women were done in secret and without the WWE’s knowledge. 

It is noted in the report that “someone familiar with the situation” noted that McMahon even signed off these NDAs on behalf of the company himself. Additionally, it is noted that many of these NDAs may in fact be unenforceable, which is what the Janel Grant lawsuit is mostly centred around. It is stated that if similar language is used in other NDAs to Grant’s, then many of these may be void. 

WWE issued revised earnings statements following the emergence of McMahon’s hush money payments in 2022, and a big reason for that, according to this source in the know, is due to McMahon signing them off on behalf of WWE without the knowledge of the company itself.

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Written by Andrew Kelly