WALTER: "WWE Was Never A Goal"

NXT UK proved to be a game changer

More than 25 months into his reign as NXT UK champion, WALTER has been synonymous with the brand, and remains the man to beat.

But WALTER admits that WWE wasn't something he'd geared his career toward. At one time, it didn't seem like a feasible dream, given geography and logistics.

Speaking with Corey Graves and Vic Joseph on the After the Bell podcast, WALTER outlined the way the stars aligned for him to be a part of the WWE body of promotions.

“I was never thinking about signing with WWE, it was never a goal," WALTER admits. "I was never too keen about leaving Germany or Europe to live in the United States. It’s a big step. Most of the other wrestlers are willing to do it because it’s their goal from day one or early in their career. For me, it was never a realistic thing that I could ever wrestle for WWE.

“When I started ten years ago, the wrestling world was different. WWE was very protected and isolated from everyone else. They opened up a few years ago when they realized how much talent there is."

WALTER goes on to note how NXT UK provided the viable convenience he sought in his wrestling career, and was happy to become part of the promotion's foundation.

“When everything came together with NXT UK, I was thinking about myself," he says. "The travel schedule on the Indies was really rough. You’re working for a different guy every day and have to organize everything. If you rely on the promoter, there’s a chance you get stranded somewhere. I was only home two or three days a week. When NXT UK came up and we talked, obviously the focus was to build something in Europe and it was the logical first step in the process.”

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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