Wardlow Wants To Be A Needle Mover In AEW

Wardlow wants to help improve AEW's demos

Wardlow's popularity within All Elite Wrestling has exploded since late 2021, when Mr Mayhem started to be featured more on Dynamite and Rampage and debuted his Powerbomb Symphony. 

The 34-year-old has since freed himself of Maxwell Jacob Friedman following their pay-per-view match at Double Or Nothing and Wardlow is now aiming to become a needle mover in AEW and help the promotion grow in the 18-49 demo and amongst female viewers. 

"I'm very in tune with numbers, and my main goal for AEW is, I want to be the reason we have more viewers. I want to be the reason the female viewership goes up. I want to be the reason that 18-49 demographic goes up. I want to be the reason our ratings are higher. I know I can't do it on my own. It takes help from the other young talent. It takes help from the legends and the guys coming over, but I want to be one of the guys that are moving the needle for this company," Wardlow told Forbes

The AEW talent also noted he is "slowly but surely" becoming a top draw in the promotion and he is confident he will eventually become "the top guy."  

Since his feud with MJF ended, Wardlow has turned his attention back to the TNT Championship and a match with Scorpio Sky looks to be on the cards once the champ is able to return from injury. 

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