What Happened Backstage After Liv Morgan's Concussion Injury On WWE Raw Revealed

She had trouble remembering what happened...

As you're probably sick of reading about by now, Monday's Raw saw an errant YES Kick or two from Brie Bella catch Liv Morgan flush in the face. It was clear to see that the Riott Squad member was in trouble in the moments following the incident as she couldn't get back to her feet. After being shunted back into her corner by Brie, Liv received treatment on the outside of the ring before somehow getting back in there to take part in a six-way Suplex spot. After the match, she was down on the arena floor once again with medical staff checking her over once more.

And now, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful has been able to find out what went down once Liv managed to get backstage.

According to Sapp, Morgan had trouble remembering what happened in the ring by the time she got backstage and was said to have been on "autopilot" immediately after the kicks happened - I guess this explains why she was inexplicably back in the ring taking part in that triple Suplex after receiving a first round of treatment at ringside. With Ruby Riott calling the rest of the match on the fly, she and Sarah Logan had to physically restrain Morgan at ringside and talk to her in order to stop her getting back in the ring. It's also noted that the referee for the match was instructed to keep Liv out of the ring.

Liv underwent concussion testing as soon as she got backstage.

It's also said that there is no ill-will between Morgan and Brie Bella following the incident, with the Total Bellas star apologising when she got backstage. However, Fightful also reports that both Logan and Riott "looked" to be unhappy, as they're legitimately close friends of Morgan's.

Once again, everyone at Cultaholic wishes Liv Morgan a speedy recovery.

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