Why Drew Gulak And Heath Slater Have Been Used More On WWE SmackDown Revealed

Friends in high places...

Since losing to "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt at the Royal Rumble, Daniel Bryan's current storyline has revolved around how he has been changed by his experiences with the former Universal Champion. Both Heath Slater and Drew Gulak have appeared alongside Bryan in recent weeks, as the former WWE Champion has had two matches with The One Man Band, while Gulak has offered advice to Bryan through his trademark PowerPoint presentations.

Both Gulak's and Slater's use on TV was considered rather sudden, particularly as neither had been seen on Friday Night SmackDown in at least a month.

Paul Davis at Wrestlingnews.co revealed both Superstars have been used more because of Daniel Bryan. Davis explained they are both friends with the Leader Of The Yes! Movement and he believes they are underutilised, which caused him to pitch their involvement in the angle to Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard, and they agreed.

Davis penned: "I am told that this is Daniel Bryan’s idea and the reason why Gulak and Slater have been appearing on SmackDown lately is that Bryan suggested for them to be used in a storyline with him since he is friends with them and knows that they are underutilized. 'Bryan pitches a lot of his own ideas,' a WWE source said. 'Sometimes Vince [McMahon] and Bruce [Prichard] will turn down an idea but a lot of the things he has pitched have been used on TV.'"


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