Why The WWE Romance Angle Between Liv Morgan And Lana Was Dropped Revealed

The storyline just disappeared...

On the December 30 episode of Monday Night Raw, Lana and Bobby Lashley looked to finally proclaim their love for one another in a live wedding. As is the case with most professional wrestling weddings, however, it quickly descended into chaos as Liv Morgan returned from injury and declared Lana was "the love of her life" and they had secretly been a couple while Liv was on the sidelines. 

The wedding led to a feud between The Ravishing Russian and Morgan, but the romance angle was not mentioned again and the rivalry was quickly forgotten about after the former Riott Squad member twice defeated Lana on January 27 and February 3. 

Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio this was because WWE never planned to follow up on the wedding angle. Paul Heyman simply wanted to get a big reaction from the crowd and re-introduce Morgan in a high profile storyline.

Meltzer said: "If you remember, Liv Morgan and Lana did one week of that and it was like dropped cold… From what I was told it was Paul looking for a spot in the wedding thing to pop people but there was no plan to follow up on it… It was just a way to get Liv Morgan up and running."

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