William Regal Names Damien Sandow 'The One That Got Away’

William Regal praises Damien Sandow

William Regal has seen them all during his many years in the wrestling business, especially during his years working in backstage roles across WWE developmental.

Regal was known for his talent scouting skills, with a knack for picking out talents who were going to be the next big thing. However, Regal recently reserved praise for a name you may not expect, with Regal taking to the Gentleman Villain podcast to praise Damien Sandow:

"I do believe Damien Sandow was - he was far better than his career ended up being," said Regal. "Damien Sandow was absolutely magic and special in everything he was given. If anything, that's why I liked him so much, he was like me. Is he going to be the top guy like Seth Rollins, Jon Moxley, and Roman Reigns? Maybe not. Is he going to be a perfect player on your show, do anything, and make anything work? Yes.”

Sandow was the first person in WWE to unsuccessfully cash in a Money in the Bank contract, and despite getting super over as The Miz’s stunt double was never afforded big opportunities by WWE:

"I don't like to say certain things but that was - I always thought that he would have a job in wrestling, at a high level, forever. When I say 'high level,' I mean in a top company, because he could do anything and blend in with anybody,” continued Regal. "He can pull off good comedy, and I like to consider myself one of those. he was just brilliant at it," Regal continued. "The others have gone on to do well. The guys you mentioned became The Shield and look what's happened to them. They were all great and I think the world of all of them. They were all great to be around at that point in time. In FCW, there were always polite, respectful, asked the right questions, and did the right things. Damien Sandow was just the one that got away.”

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