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Plenty of reviews for WWE 2K22

After a two-year break following the backlash to WWE 2K20, WWE 2K22 was released today on current and past generation consoles, as well as PC. 

Along with the return of GM Mode, now named MyGM, the new title from Visual Concepts includes a new gameplay engine as well as graphical improvements. MyCareer also returns, now known as MyRISE, while the popular Universe Mode is also back. 

While some may have feared another dud with WWE 2K22, those fears appear to have been unwarranted and reviews have been positive about the new title, with the new gameplay engine receiving plenty of praise. 

Here is what reviews are saying about WWE 2K22:

Mitchell Saltzman – IGN – 8/10

"2K Games and Visual Concepts needed a win with WWE 2K22, and while it's far from a complete ground-up rebuild, it's quite possibly the biggest leap forward the series has ever seen. The year off has clearly paid dividends: Virtually all of the major bugs I experienced in WWE 2K20 have been squashed; the revamped combat is faster, leaner, and full of smart tweaks that make it approachable for newcomers and rewarding for veterans; MyRise takes the MyCareer mode into a bold new direction; and MyGM offers a very niche, but nonetheless well put together management sim that's sure to be a blast if you can find a like-minded wrestling fan to play it with. All this on top of an impressive visual overhaul that makes all 160+ superstars look the best they've ever looked in a video game. It's the rare case of a marketing slogan that actually rings true: WWE 2K22 hits different."

Eugene Sowah – Daily Mirror – 4/5

"WWE 2K22 is a return to former glory with developers Visual Concepts really paying attention to what didn't work in 2K20. The massive overhaul to the gameplay mechanics is a huge improvement making this one of the most enjoyable and accessible wrestling games I've played. The diverse modes add an extra dimension to the overall experience and will ensure the longevity of the game."

Dalton Cooper – GameRant – 3.5/5

"From Showcase to MyGM, WWE 2K22 is stuffed with content, and in terms of graphics and polish, it's a huge improvement over its predecessors. But the game has some notable drawbacks, especially with the botched MyGM, which could have been the crown jewel of WWE 2K22's game modes. The foundation is there for a future WWE game to provide a more fleshed-out MyGM experience, so hopefully, it isn't abandoned again."

Chris Scullion – Video Games Chronicle – 4/5

"If pressed, we'd guess that 2K realised it's in relationship repair mode with this game after the disaster that was WWE 2K20, and that it's potentially cooled it with the microtransactions so as to attract as little ill will as possible. Ultimately though, the thing that will most likely achieve this is the in-ring gameplay, which is such an enormous improvement over its predecessor that the sighs of relief from the fanbase will be palpable.

"Granted, there's still room for improvement for the next release. The Showcase mode is far too brief and needs to be brought back up to the same lengthy, in-depth standards as in previous games, and while the creation suites are as detailed as ever, fans are still crying out for a Create-a-Story option to make their own angles and plots.

"For now, though, those fans can rejoice, because WWE 2K is back, and while it may not be – to paraphrase Eric Bischoff's theme song – better than ever, it's certainly still what The Miz would describe as 'awesome'."

Ben Potter – PushSquare – 7/10

"WWE 2K22 is the return to form the WWE 2K series has desperately needed. Skipping 2K21 and delaying the release by five months may have caused the roster to be largely outdated, but the game is stable, plays great, and is practically bursting at the seams with content. An excellent Rey Mysterio Showcase really bolsters the experience, and every other mode (perhaps with the exception of MyFaction) sets a strong foundation for WWE games to come."

Giovanni Colantonio – DigitalTrends – 3.5/5

"WWE 2K22 is a robust wrestling simulator that gets the series back on track after its nearly career-ending 2020 installment. It's filled with modes, impressive combat tweaks, and a truly phenomenal creative suite that turn it into a hoss of a game. There's still work to do if 2K Sports wants to fully rehabilitate the series. Multi-man matches need a rework, its more promising modes need to be expanded, and there's still plenty of gunk to clean up. But if this is how much an annualized series can turn itself around by taking one year off, then every franchise like it should consider an offseason."

Fraser Porter – TripleJump

"If you're a longstanding fan of the series or you're looking to play your first WWE game, it's a great time to jump in because WWE 2K22 is a return to form for the series."

Check out TripleJump's full thoughts about WWE 2K22 below:

WWE 2K22 is available for purchase now.

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