WWE Abandons 'Big Time Becks' Trademark

Don't expect to see Becky Lynch using her "Big Time Becks" nickname

Back in 2021, Becky Lynch returned to WWE programming after over a year away for maternity leave to challenge and defeat Bianca Belair in a matter of seconds to become the new SmackDown Women’s Champion, turning heel in the process. This led to a new development in Lynch’s character in which she became “Big Time Becks”, sporting eccentric clothing and bigging herself up to be the star of the women’s division. 

In 2021, WWE attempted to trademark “Big Time Becks”, though a dispute led to a legal battle in regards to the nickname. It was revealed this weekend that WWE have now abandoned the trademark, according to public records. 

“Abandoned after an inter partes decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. For further information, see TTABVUE on the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board web page.”

Since 2022, Becky Lynch has been a babyface character in WWE once again, undertaking “The Man” persona and nickname, so it doesn’t seem at all likely that she would need to use the “Big Time Becks” moniker any time soon, which perhaps led into WWE’s decision to abandon it. 

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Written by Andrew Kelly