WWE Already Considering Post-WrestleMania 39 Creative Plans

Long-term planning in WWE

Seemingly gone are the days of last-minute creative changes and short-term planning in WWE that had become common in recent years under the old Vince McMahon regime. 

McMahon resigned as WWE CEO and Chairman in July, with Triple H becoming the head of creative as Chief Content Officer.

This has ultimately led to more long-term planning within the company and Triple H revealed during the Q3 2022 investors call that he and the WWE creative team are already thinking about plans for after WrestleMania 39. 

"It's looking at a year-long cycle of content creation over that year and trying to pick places that you want to go to and put them into your creative GPS system and figure out how you want to get to those things. It's looking further ahead than we've ever done before. As we're rounding the bend to come into the new year and looking at WrestleMania, I'm already beginning in my mind, with the team, to collaborate on what we want next year's WrestleMania to look like and how we want the spring coming out of WrestleMania to transfer into the summer and into the fall," Triple H began.

"It's a large cycle and the further we can get ahead of it, to know where we want to go, obviously, our business being different than making movies or anything else with the human beings involved, injury rates, everything else that comes along with it. When I look at the creative we're doing now and the success of that, understand we're still doing that without Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton. Those are significant stars that, when they return, will move the needle as well.

"The other big thing for us is focusing on character development and as you see a lot of stars returning, you will see stars coming up through our developmental system that have never been seen on a Raw or SmackDown before, developing those characters so that you're invested in them, each individually so that they mean more within the programming itself. For us, it's keeping things fresh, trying outside-the-box things. Some are going to work, some are not, but the White Rabbit stuff was outside of the box thinking that came out of this creative team and that leads you to be able to try new things that you've never tried, keep the success, lose the losses. I'm not afraid of the losses, that's where I learn. The successes don't teach me nearly as much as the losses do. When things don't work, that's phenomenal, we'll figure out why they didn't, and the next one will. I'm not afraid of any of that. It's really moving forward, but having a plan of where you want to go."

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