WWE & Netflix Announce Interactive Horror Film 'Escape The Undertaker'

The New Day must escape The Undertaker

WWE and Netflix have announced a new, interactive horror film that is set to be released on the streaming platform next month. 

Entitled 'Escape The Undertaker', the movie will star WWE legend The Undertaker and Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. The film will follow the New Day members as they try to escape the Undertaker's haunted mansion, which is filled with traps and challenged. 

Viewers of the film will be able to choose the decisions The New Day make and the directions they take as they try to escape from The Dead Man and his spooky mansion.

More photos of 'Escape The Undertaker' can be viewed here.

The movie is set to premiere on Netflix on October 5 2021 as a part of the streaming service's 'Netflix and Chills 2021' season - a selection of horror and spooky tv series and films in time for Halloween.

WWE signed a deal with Netflix back in February 2019 and have already collaborated on films such as The Main Event. A docuseries looking at the life of WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is also set to air on Netflix in the future.

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