WWE Backlash 2020 Live Results

Will we see The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever...

Welcome to Cultaholic Wrestling's live results for Backlash 2020 and join us throughout the night as we provide updates from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. 

Eight matches have been added to the card and the action will begin at 11 pm BST with the Kickoff Show. The main card will then follow at midnight.

Sam Driver, Jack King, Tom Campbell, Ross Tweddell and Adam Pacitti will also battle it out for the chance to win The Greatest Night In Ever! Check out their predictions for Backlash 2020 below: 

Apollo Crews def. Andrade to retain the United States Championship - Kickoff Show

Before the match began, Kevin Owens made his way to the ring and joined Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton and Samoa Joe as a guest commentator. 

Both Andrade and Apollo Crews exchanged counters to start out the match but Crews gained the upper hand after hitting El Idolo with a Back Body Drop on the entrance ramp. He followed this up with a Moonsault from the ring apron to the outside. The action re-entered the squared circle but Andrade gained the advantage after countering a Belly To Back Suplex. The challenger followed up with the Running Knees.

The two Superstars battled back and forth soon after and Andrade took a nasty spill into the turnbuckles after Crews hit a Belly To Belly Suplex. Crews then landed a Spinebuster for a two count and went for an Olympic Slam but Andrade countered into an Arm Drag, which Crews countered with a Dropkick.

The action spilled to the ring apron and Andrade landed a Tornado DDT but Crews kicked out at two. Crews then had the match won after he landed a Moonsault-Senton Combination, but Angel Garza stood on the apron to distract the official.

This only angered Kevin Owens who delivered a vicious Stunner to Garza, taking him out of the equation. In the ring, Andrade went for the Hammerlock DDT but Crews countered into the Spin-Out Powerbomb for the 1-2-3. 

Bayley & Sasha Banks def. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross and The IIconics to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships

WWE continued to tease dissension between Bayley and Sasha Banks as Kayla asked if their friendship will be over if they lose the Women's Tag Team Championships. The two best friends quickly rebuffed the question, but the teasing continues nonetheless.  

Michael Cole clarified before the match that the competitors can only tag in members of their team and three women are in the match at all times.

Bayley, Billie Kay and Nikki Cross started out the bout. They each took turns getting in offence and tagged in their partners. The action stopped soon after and Sasha Banks, Peyton Royce, and Alexa Bliss stared each other down. All three Superstars tried to win the match with roll-ups and exchanged pinning combinations.  

All six Superstars entered the ring and battled back and forth until Bliss and Cross gained control over Royce and Banks. The IIconics almost won the titles after Royce hit Cross with a Spinning Kick for a two count. Bayley and Kay tagged into the match and they worked together to beat down Cross. Their alliance lasted mere seconds, however, as Kay attacked the former Huggable One with a Suplex. 

Bayley and Banks then almost won after some tandem offence but Cross broke up the pin. Cross landed a Double Clothesline and made the hot tag to Bliss who took down Royce and Bayley with Strikes and a Dropkick. She then landed three Lou Thesz Presses and Punches onto Bayley, Royce, and Billie Kay. She followed up with a Crossbody onto Royce and Bayley.

Royce tossed Bliss out the ring, and with all four opponents on the outside, she connected with a Diving Crossbody. The IIconics gained the upper hand and hit Banks with an Inverted Magic Killer but Bliss and Cross attacked them before they could make the pin. 

Bliss and Cross's advantage didn't last long as Bliss connected with Twisted Bliss on Royce but Sasha Banks rolled into the ring and rolled Bliss up for the 1-2-3 to retain the Women's Tag Team Championships. 

Sheamus def. Jeff Hardy

Fans will be pleased to know the match didn't include any urine related shenanigans.

Both Superstars grappled to start out the match, taking turns holding their opponents on the mat. The Charismatic Enigma gained the upper hand after he landed a Low Dropkick to Sheamus's knee after The Celtic Warrior charged at him. Jeff then worked over his knee for a minute but Sheamus eventually hit Hardy with a vicious Clothesline. Hardy targetted the knee once again after he landed another Low Dropkick while Sheamus was draped on the ring apron. Jeff then leapt off the steel steps and Clotheslined Sheamus to the floor.

The action re-entered the ring and Jeff picked up the steel steps but then dropped them. This momentary lapse in concentration allowed Sheamus to take advantage once Hardy entered the ring as he bashed the three-time world champion's leg against the ring post. 

Sheamus then attacked Hardy with a Leaping Knee from the top rope and the referee checked if Jeff was okay to continue. Sheamus dragged his opponent back into the centre of the ring and landed two Irish Curse Backbreakers but Hardy kicked out at two. The Celtic Warrior applied a Chinlock moments later. Jeff fought out briefly but Sheamus countered with a vicious Knee to Hardy's face. 

Sheamus then spent some time berating Michael Cole until he tried to land a Hammer Fist from the top rope. The Charismatic Enigma moved out the way, however, and connected with Whisper In The Wind for a two count. Hardy landed a Guillotine Leg Drop for another two count. Soon after, Jeff went for a Twist Of Fate but Sheamus countered into a roll-up for a two count. Both men got to their feet and Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick but missed and Hardy knocked him to the floor. 

The babyface climbed to the top rope but Sheamus caught him. Jeff forced him to the floor but the heel got up and knocked Hardy from the top rope. Sheamus then landed White Noise but Jeff powered out at two once again. 

The Celtic Warrior locked in the Texas Cloverleaf but relinquished the submission to beat down his opponent some more. With Hardy draped on the ring apron, Sheamus hit him with the 10 Beats Of The Bodhran. The match entered the ring once again and Sheamus charged at Hardy but he moved out the way, causing the Irishman to crash into the ring post. Hardy then connected with the Twist Of Fate and the Swanton Bomb but Sheamus got his foot to the bottom rope.

The action spilled to the outside once again and Hardy tried to leap off the barricade onto his opponent but Sheamus caught him with a Brogue Kick. The heel then rolled Hardy into the ring and connected with a second Brogue Kick for the win.   

Asuka vs. Nia Jax ends in a Double Count Out - Asuka retains the Raw Women's Championship 

For the first few minutes, Asuka tried to land any offence she could but Nia Jax constantly powered out. The Facebreaker then dominated the champion with Slams, Splashes and an assortment of power moves. Nia locked in a Headlock which Asuka countered into a Guillotine. Nia quickly transitioned into a Suplex, however, for a two count. 

Jax proceeded to slap Asuka and ask where Kairi was. This angered the champion who connected with a range of Strikes and a Shining Wizard. The champion kicked Nia while she was prone on the mat and landed a Dropkick from the top rope. She followed up with a Hip Attack for a two count. 

Nia absorbed all of the offence for two more minutes and eventually countered into a Sit-Out Powerbomb. Nia then charged at Asuka but crashed into the ring post. The action spilled to the outside soon after and Asuka locked in an Armbar which Jax broke up by tossing her into the barricade.

Neither Superstar got back into the ring before the count of ten, ending the match.

Braun Strowman def. The Miz & John Morrison to retain the Universal Championship

Michael Cole put over the match on commentary, describing it as Braun Strowman vs. two pranksters. 

Before the action could begin, The Miz and John Morrison cut a promo and WWE reaired Hey Hey Hey! from the Kickoff Show. The lyrics were seemingly written by a 75-year-old man as Miz & Morrison said Strowman wet the bed until he was six-years-old and wears crocs. 

We only got halfway through the song until the Strowman Express arrived at the WWE Performance Center. 

Miz and Morrison worked well together in the opening minutes with quick tags and took turns distracting Strowman. They didn't manage to land any offence, however, and Strowman powered out of everything.

Miz connected with a Superkick but this only angered The Monster Among Men. The challengers eventually managed to do some damage as The Prince Of Parkour hit Strowman with a Corkscrew Moonsault to the outside. The action entered the ring and Miz worked over the Universal Champion with a headlock and Morrison rained down some vicious strikes while Braun was prone on the mat. 

Miz then hit Strowman with the It Kicks and started singing which allowed Strowman to recover and toss The A-Lister across the ring. Strowman tried to charge at Miz but only ran into the ring post. Morrison went for a Running Knee but Strowman moved to the mat too early causing Morrison to knee thin air. 

Morrison and Miz combined with a Skull Crushing Finale and a kick to the head. Morrison had the match won but his tag team partner pulled him off. This gave Strowman the chance he needed and he Chokeslammed Miz, putting him out of commission. The Universal Champion then picked up Morrison for the Running Powerslam to retain the title. 

Drew McIntyre def. Bobby Lashley to retain the WWE Championship 

Lashley locked in the Full Nelson before the match even began. It took three referees to force Lashley to relinquish the hold but McIntyre was noticeably weakened. The Scottish Psychopath didn't even have the time to take his coat off before Lashley proceeded to batter him. 

Despite all of Lashley's offence, McIntyre still powered out at one. The All Mighty worked over the WWE Champion's neck for the next several minutes both inside and outside the ring. Lashley even managed to pick McIntyre up and smash his head into the ring post. 

McIntyre finally managed to give himself some time to breathe as Lashley charged at the champion on the outside but Drew countered into a Belly to Belly Suplex into the barricade. 

The action re-entered the ring and the two Superstars exchanged blows. Drew then hit a flurry of offence with a Hammer Fist from the top rope, a Big Boot, and a Spinebuster.

Lashley then countered into a Spinebuster but the WWE Champion kicked out at one. McIntyre powered out at one once again after Lashley hit a Flatliner. 

The former ECW World Champion tried to lock in the Full Nelson but the Scot blocked it. The champion then picked up the challenger and connected with the Reverse Alabama Slam. He went for another Hammer Fist but Lashley reversed it into a Crossface. McIntyre tried to counter with a Tombstone but Lashley countered into an Ankle Lock.

Lashley let go and tried to hit a Spear but McIntyre locked in a Kimura Lock. The challenger reached the rope after 30 seconds. McIntyre followed up a Superplex. McIntyre then did his countdown for the Claymore Kick but Lashley saw it coming and connected with a hellacious Spear. McIntyre kicked out at two.

Lana then came to the ring which only distracted Lashley and gave the WWE Champion the opening he needed to hit a Glasgow Kiss and a Claymore Kick for the win. 

The Street Profits vs. The Viking Raiders for the Raw Tag Team Championships did not take place 

The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits were supposed to have a match but the broadcast cut to them brawling outside. It ended in disaster, however, as they destroyed Braun Strowman's car windshield. They entered the Performance Center and The Viking Raiders chased Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins with axes and bowling balls. The two teams agreed to put the weapons down and they continued to brawl with their fists. 

Dawkins and Ford won the brawl and the broadcast cut to Ivar being really good at bowling. It then cut back to the Performance Center and Ivar bowled a bowling ball into Ford's testicles. Ivar went looking for Erik, only to be speared by Dawkins through a glass window. We cut to another memory of Ivar's as he dreamed about turkey legs. 

As they prepared to brawl some more outside, eight men on motorcycles showed up. Their leader revealed themselves as Akira Tozawa and the men on bikes were an army of ninjas. This lead to The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders working together to take down the ninjas. 

After taking down all of the ninjas, Tozawa revealed a special ninja and Ivar used the force to force pull a turkey leg into his arm. The special ninja had a sword, however, and the two tag teams got out of dodge.  

The Raw Tag Team Champions and the challengers brawled again on top of a trailer. Everyone except Ivar was then tossed into a skip and Ivar did a Moonsault into the bin. 

We cut to another Ivar memory of lots of women saying he looked cute. Jessika Carr found the two tag teams and told Ivar he looked cute. They were then chased out of the skip by a crocodile. 

Randy Orton def. Edge 

Before the match, Byron Saxton revealed WWE had added production techniques to enhance the match. This included Charles Robinson wearing an old school referee uniform and previous recordings from the late Howard Finkel were used to announce both Superstars. Crowd noise was also piped in. 

Edge and Orton grappled to start the match and Edge tried to hit a trio of Arm Drags but The Viper saw it coming and stopped The Rated-R Superstar in his tracks.

The two Superstars circled the ring and locked up once again. They then wrestled on the mat for several minutes, circled the ring once again and locked up. They took turns Leapfrogging each other until Randy embarrassed Edge by tripping him up. The Ultimate Opportunist baited Orton soon after as he ducked and dived in and out of the ring which gave him the opening to connect with a Big Boot.

Orton gained the upper hand soon after as the action entered the squared circle once again. Edge countered a charge with an Arm Drag and locked in an Armbar. He then locked in a Headlock for two minutes until the referee forced him to break the hold. It didn't take Edge long to regain the initiative as he hit a Hurricanrana on Orton. Orton then blocked Edge after he scaled to the top rope. Edge Headbutted him to the ring apron and landed a Diving Lariat to the outside. Orton was busted open by the Headbutt. 

The 11-time world champion worked over his opponent in the ring and locked in the Crossface. Orton got his feet to the bottom rope and went for the RKO but Edge moved out of the way. Randy then connected with a Modified Neckbreaker. Strangely, the Performance Center recruits cheered for both Edge and Orton despite the fact Orton tried to end Edge's career and RKO'd his wife Beth Phoenix. 

Edge grabbed his neck and Orton punished him on the outside, tossing him into the Plexiglass and smashing his neck repeatedly against the steel steps. He then connected with a Belly To Back Suplex onto the announcer's table. Orton rolled Edge into the ring and hit him with his signature Stomps. Randy locked in a Headlock but Edge eventually broke Orton's grip. Orton quickly regained control, however, as he pushed Edge into the turnbuckle. 

The 13-time world champion went for Three Amigos but Edge blocked it at two. The Ultimate Opportunist then did hit Three Amigos. The Master Manipulator and The Legend Killer exchanged blows and chops in the centre of the ring.  

After working over Edge on the outside, Randy rolled his opponent into the ring and landed a massive Superplex. Both Superstars took each other out soon after as they went for Crossbodies at the same time. They got up at the count of eight and Edge connected with the Edgecution soon after, but only managed to earn a two count. 

The Ultimate Opportunist followed up with a flurry of offence and a Crossbody from the top rope, but yet again, Orton powered out at two. Edge locked in the Crossface again and locked it around his former friend's throat. Randy rolled out, however, and hit an Olympic Slam. 

Orton hit his Draping DDT moments later and The Legend Killer stalked the WWE Hall Of Famer. Edge tried to counter the RKO into an Unprettier, which Orton countered into an RKO attempt, which Edge reversed into the Edge-O-Matic for a two count.

The Rated-R Superstar then went for a Spear but Orton Leapfrogged the finisher which allowed Edge to finally hit the Unprettier. The two then channelled WWE legends as Orton hit a Pedigree and Edge caught The Viper and delivered a hellacious Rock Bottom. 

The two continued to battle back and forth for several minutes and after a roll-up, both men got to their feet and Orton connected with the RKO. The future Hall Of Famer got all of it but Edge used everything he had left in the tank to lift his left shoulder off the mat before the count of three. Orton then set up for the Punt Kick but Edge charged at his opponent and delivered a vicious Spear. Edge hit a second spear but Randy somehow kicked out. 

The two battled back and forth once again and Edge tried to hit a Diving Crossbody but Randy caught him with the RKO. Again, his former friend kicked out. Orton picked up Edge, but The Rated-R Superstar locked in Orton's Anti Venom.

The dastardly Orton countered by cheating as he low-blowed the WWE Hall Of Famer. He then delivered the Punt Kick to Edge and pinned him in the centre of the ring. 

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