WWE Champion Big E: Why I'm So Appreciative Of Vince McMahon

Big E is very thankful to the boss

Big E has revealed that Vince McMahon was one of the only people to get behind and support The New Day when the faction was formed in 2014, ultimately leading to his individual success in 2021.

Big E won the WWE Title earlier this month from Bobby Lashley, having cashed in his Money In The Bank contract on the All Mighty, culminating a journey to the top that began with the genesis of The New Day alongside Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods seven years ago.

Since then, Big E has held multiple Tag Team Championships, a second Intercontinental Title, and now the WWE Championship, and the 35-year-old puts it down to McMahon's faith in the group when they first got together.

Speaking to Hot 97, Big E said: "Everyone has a different relationship with Vince. Obviously, a guy like Bryan has a bit closer of a relationship because he’s been through so many ups and downs. He’s been such a huge part of WWE and its history, especially over the last decade or so.

"I’ll say, Vince has been one of our biggest supporters of The New Day. Even when people weren’t seeing it with us in 2014, he was the one who got behind us, and he was the one who really pushed for us. So, all I can speak to is my relationship with him, and I’m appreciative because he really – when no one else saw anything in the three of us – he did and kept pushing for us.

"I don’t get to this point – obviously, he makes the decisions – without him. So, I’m appreciative for sure."

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