WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Talks Potential Feud With Jinder Mahal

Something we could see down the line...

On the April 27 episode of Monday Night Raw, Jinder Mahal returned to WWE after 10 months on the sidelines and vanquished former Cruiserweight Champion Akira Tozawa in 95 seconds. With the win, it seems The Modern Day Mahajara will be pushed up the card once again, having previously enjoyed a 170-day reign as WWE Champion back in 2017.

Some fans have already called for Mahal to main event a future pay-per-view against former 3MB alumni Drew McIntyre. The WWE Champion seems less than keen on the idea at the moment, however, as during a recent interview with Alistair McGeorge at Metro, McIntyre said Mahal needed to "build up some steam" and be presented as a dominant Superstar first. 

The Scottish Psychopath said: "I don't know if the fans would necessarily accept it right away. Jinder and I have that legitimate, real story. He just has to get a bit of a run going, build up some steam and when the time's right, come together. Aside from what people saw on television, besides the fact he won the title before me and everyone kind of crapped on it, then I won the title and everybody kinda praised it, there's a lot of backstage stuff we can put on-screen and I know it'll be fantastic. We just have to do it at the right time."

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