WWE Edit Daniel Bryan Reference Out Of Recent Interview

His name had been mentioned in a WALTER interview

It appears WWE have edited a reference to Daniel Bryan, made by NXT United Kingdom Champion WALTER, out of an interview clip they've uploaded to YouTube 

WALTER was a guest on this past week's After The Bell Podcast, which is hosted by commentators Corey Graves and Vic Joseph. The duo asked the United Kingdom Champion about his potential dream matches in WWE, with WALTER naming Cesaro, Finn Balor, and Daniel Bryan as his top three. 

He said: "When I first got into watching other wrestling than WWE, I was watching a lot of Ring of Honor. A lot of those guys are the top guys in WWE right now, so Daniel Bryan would be one of the matches I’d really want to do. 

"Obviously Cesaro, that’s one. He left for America before I really got going in Germany and he’s, in general, a great role model for us German speaking WWE talent. He’s always been super supportive as soon as we stepped foot in WWE he reached his hand out to be super supportive and he’s a fantastic wrestler so he would be one of the guys I would really like to face.

“Regarding NXT right now, the one match I really wanted to do before COVID, and it has to happen, is against Finn Balor. Those would be the three.”

The discussion about Bryan is still available on the podcast, but not on YouTube. Having decided to upload that snippet to their YouTube channel, the promotion appears to have cut the reference to Bryan, instead skipping straight to the part where WALTER talks about Cesaro. 

Bryan is now a free agent after his contract with WWE expired following his loss to Universal Champion Roman Reigns on the April 30 episode of Smackdown. Reports have suggested that WWE are pushing hard to re-sign the former WWE Champion, and that there is no hard feelings between the two parties on Bryan running his deal down.

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