WWE Files New Trademark On Saturday Night's Main Event

Could we see a comeback?

Amid its recent wave of trademark applications, WWE has filed for a new trademark on one of its old wonders: "Saturday Night's Main Event".

Though it doesn't necessarily mean that WWE plans to revive the series in some form, the company made a new filing this past Tuesday on Saturday Night's Main Event, granting them the ability to freely merchandise the former program in a variety of ways.

Debuting in May of 1985, Saturday Night's Main Event was the WWF's connection to mainstream network television. With NBC producer (and outgoing Saturday Night Live shot-caller) Dick Ebersol helping with the show's format and production, it can be argued that SNME's impact is still felt to this day in WWE, as the show pulled the Federation out of the dark ages in terms of TV production.

The show ran on NBC from 1985 to 1991, for two episodes on FOX in 1992, and then for a five-episode revival on NBC between 2006 and 2008. The episodes that aired through the late eighties pulled some of the highest TV ratings any wrestling show in North America has ever done.

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