Chris Jericho Claims "NXT Reject" Leaked News Of Eric Bischoff's Dynamite Appearance

Who might that have been?

Eric Bischoff's recent appearance on AEW Dynamite was meant to be a surprise, but word got out a bit early.

Bischoff served as moderator for a debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy, in a segment taped on Thursday, July 30, to air on the August 5 broadcast. Being that it was a taped show, there was a chance that somebody could spoil his appearance, and somebody did.

Chris Jericho claimed on his latest Saturday Night Special that the leaker had once been affiliated with NXT, and will no longer work with AEW.

“When we had the debate and Eric Bischoff was announced on Reddit...we know who the spy is, by the way. Oh, we know," Jericho said. "He'll never f**king be back in AEW. [An] NXT reject was a spy, so print that."

“I was like, listen, we can announce this or we can just not announce it and don't worry about it and see, you know, the people that know will know and maybe they'll watch if they weren't going to. The people that don't know, will still be surprised. That's exactly what happened. People were super surprised that Bischoff was there and it worked out great.”

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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