WWE Had Heat With City Of Stamford For 2006 DX Skit

Spray painting in the dark = heat

WWE had heat with the city of Stamford, Connecticut following a D-Generation X skit in 2006, Bruce Prichard revealed on Something To Wrestle

Triple H reunited with Shawn Michaels after four years of on-and-off feuding in 2006 while The Heartbreak Kid was locked in a rivalry with the McMahon family, and the reformed DX would battle Vince and Shane McMahon throughout the summer.

Following their tag team match at SummerSlam 2006, DX continued to make the McMahons' lives a living hell as they spray-painted 'DX' on Vince's $30 million private jet and the front of Titan Towers. 

Speaking about the skits on Something To Wrestle, Bruce Prichard noted WWE had heat with the city of Stamford because of the bright lights used for the production. 

"We actually painted the WWE jet in the actual hangar. We had to get the entire hangar so that we didn't disrupt any other planes or anything else. We had a vision. I had a vision, Hunter had a vision, Shawn had a vision of what we wanted to do. And then, there was Vince's vision. I don't know that he was able to explain his vision very well to us. Instead, we got a lot of 'This is what we'll do, ya okay. You guys seem to have a grasp on it, go and do it.' So we did our vision what the three of us thought, went on and did the stuff inside the plane and everything," Prichard said.

"The office was another story because that was a lot of fun, it got heat with all the lights and everything in the area. We did it after a show, we went up there late at night and shot it. That got a lot of heat from the town in the immediate vicinity because of the bright lights that were shining up in the building. We had permits, we had everything, everybody knew what we were doing."

DX and the McMahons would continue to feud until Unforgiven 2006 when Michaels and Triple H defeated Vince, Shane and The Big Show in a Handicap Hell In A Cell Match. 

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