Big E: I Never Thought I'd Really Get A Match With Goldberg, But Now It's Possible

Big E has always wanted to face Goldberg

Big E has admitted he never truly believed a dream match in WWE with Goldberg would be a possibility, but could see the bout happening now he is WWE Champion.

Big E has previously spoken about how a match with Goldberg would be his fantasy booking scenario, having taken a picture with the WCW legend as a kid. While the 35-year-old was hopeful, he did not expect to be in that position due to his place on the card in WWE.

Now he is WWE Champion, Big E recognises his dream match is closer to a reality than ever before.

Speaking on NotSam Wrestling, Big E said: "When I talk about the Goldberg match, I never really thought I was going to get the Goldberg match. Never.

"When I first started talking about it, I was doing tag stuff, I hadn't done much singles stuff and Goldberg was always in that world. I never really thought it was going to happen, but, it's possible. It's very possible. It's possibly on the table. 

"I don't know how I could turn down just one night, one match. I met this man in the 90s, took a picture with him, stood in line on my way to church with my dad in the late 90s. He was my guy. 

"The fact that he's still around and under contract with WWE, just had an issue with Bobby Lashley, and I now have his title, it's my title now. Why not? Why the hell not? Just for little kid me. It's very possible and making me blush a little."

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