WWE Hall Of Famer Teddy Long Delighted To Have CaZXL In SWE

Caz recently debuted in the promotion with Melina

After returning to the ring in late February, CaZXL (formerly known as Big Cass) competed in his first match over the weekend at an SWE Fury TV taping and defeated Christian Mox in two minutes. 

SWE General Manager Teddy Long spoke to Wrestling Inc. following Caz's debut and he admitted he's delighted to have the former WWE Superstar on the roster.

"We're just so proud to have CaZXL. Everybody knows him from Enzo and Cass. They came from WWE. Great stars there and we're just happy now that Caz signed with us, and he wanted to be a part of us. And he thanked me and thanked the promotion for giving him the opportunity, and brother, I don't think we could have done anything better than bringing in CaZXL," Long said.

"That's a great thing, and he got a great reception when he came out. At first, we brought him in under the hood as a surprise, and then when we revealed him, then the place went nuts. We’re just happy to have him, and he’ll also be with us next month in Irving, Texas on April 20."

CaZXL debuted in the promotion alongside fellow former WWE Superstar Melina and Long detailed why he put them together on-screen.

"Well, I thought it was real good. It was certainly something brand-new, and basically, that's what we want to do in SWE. We want to bring stuff that's brand-new. I hate the word 'repackage' and trying to bring back something old that's really just been done with. You can't just keep rehashing stuff," the WWE Hall Of Famer added.

"So I thought that doing something new, something that the people haven't seen before, I think that's best for us and for the audience. So being with Melina, nobody would have ever dreamed that or nobody would have never thought Melina would be with this guy Caz. I think it's all brand new, and I think it's gonna work real good."

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