New WWE Board Of Director Member Details Meeting Vince McMahon At Fastlane

Erika Nardini was elected to the Board of Directors in October

WWE Board of Directors member Erika Nardini has detailed meeting Vince McMahon at Fastlane 2021 and understanding the process that goes into producing such a show. 

Nardini, who is the CEO of Barstool, was elected to the WWE Board of Directors last October and attended Fastlane on Sunday to experience the WWE product first-hand and live 

Speaking on her Token CEO podcast, Nardini recalled her experience with WWE Chairman McMahon. 

She said: "The most inspiring thing about Vince McMahon is he thinks about things from a fan perspective. It gives me comfort from a Barstool perspective because I see so many similarities between Dave [Portnoy] and Vince and what we're trying to do.

"We were talking about WrestleMania and Vince was saying he gasps every time he sees the price for WrestleMania tickets. 'Can you believe people are paying for this?' He's been in this business for decades.

"Vince and I were talking about, 'Where do you put the camera if you're trying to show someone in the ring and off-stage.' He said, 'Most people would put the camera behind the shoulder of the person off-stage, so you see the person in the ring. No, you have to do it differently because you always have to have eyes like the fan. The eyes of the fan look over the wrestler's shoulder to the person off-stage.' Little things like that make a huge difference in the point of view of the product."

Nardini also asked McMahon about how far in advance events like Fastlane were planned. 

"I was asking Vince on the plane, 'how early are the shows ready? How far in advance is Fastlane produced?' He's like, 'We're in a business where spontaneity matters. A little bit of chaos at the finish line is a great thing because it means it's real, it's vibrant, and you're reacting to exactly what is happening right now."

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