WWE NXT Results - May 11, 2021: 2 Title Matches, Bobby Fish Returns

Another strong episode from the black and gold brand

While WWE continues to falter with Monday Night Raw, the company continues to excel when it comes to the black and gold brand and fans were once again provided with an entertaining couple of hours from NXT. 

This week's show opened with Karrion Kross vs. Austin Theory following The Way's attack on May 4. Theory tried not to look terrified after the bell rang and he enjoyed a brief flurry of offence during the middle portion of the match. Kross powered back following a Fallaway Slam, though, and he connected with two Saito Suplexes and repeated Forearms to the back of Theory's head before he locked in Kross Jacket for the win by referee stoppage. 

As Kross celebrated with Scarlett after the match, Finn Balor appeared in the ring behind him, calling back to when The Herald Of Doomsday did the same on March 10. 

Kross turned to stare down his foe and Balor said he doesn't wait in line and wants his rematch. The NXT Champion admitted he wants the match just as much as Finn and accepted the challenge. 

After a break, a confrontation between William Regal and Leon Ruff from earlier in the night was shown. Ruff told the NXT General Manager that he had been medically cleared to compete, but Regal refused to book him on the show for his own wellbeing. This led to Ruff trashing Regal's desk before the general manager ordered Leon to get out. 

The next match on the show followed and Breezango faced off against MSK. Both teams put together a good match which featured fun spots like the referee doing a drop-down and leapfrog during a fast-paced sequence. 

After 10 minutes, Tyler Breeze looked to put Wes Lee away with a Killswitch but Nash Carter saved his partner and MSK connected with their Hart Attack-Blockbuster finisher to pick up the victory. Both teams shook hands after the match was over and MSK told Legado del Fantasma they know where to find them. 

Next, we had Johnny Gargano's weekly visit to William Regal's office. It was announced earlier in the show that Johnny Wrestling would defend the North American Title against Bronson Reed next week and Gargano entered the office to complain about the upcoming match. As per usual, Regal was having none of it which resulted in Gargano snapping The Gentlemen Villain's pencil over his leg before he stormed off.

Pete Dunne was in the ring after a break and The Bruiserweight claimed Karrion Kross was ducking him before proclaiming himself as the baddest man in NXT once again. He then issued an open challenge to anyone in the locker room that was answered with a blindside attack from Leon Ruff. 

Ruff was still hurting from last week's loss and Dunne punished the former NXT North American Champion before he locked in a Triangle and rained down elbows until the referee called for the bell. The Bruiserweight then made Ruff suffer some more after the match by snapping his fingers.

After another break, it was announced Franky Monet would make her 'world premiere' in two weeks. Karrion Kross vs. Finn Balor for the NXT Championship was also made official for the May 25 show. 

The announcements were followed by Mercedes Martinez vs. Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women's Championship and both women fought back and forth in a fine 11-minute match.

Down the stretch, Gonzalez gained the upper hand following a Hotshot and she launched Martinez into the ring post to press home her advantage. The champion failed to put Martinez away following a Side Slam Backbreaker, though, and she tried to follow up with a One-Arm Powerbomb but Mercedes escaped and capitalised with a Running Knee and a Fisherman Buster for a near fall. 

The challenger then connected with more knees but Gonzalez eventually dodged out of the way and powered back with a Big Boot and her One-Arm Powerbomb for the 1-2-3. 

After the match, the broadcast cut to The Way being kicked out of the locker room after they had seemingly blindsided Bronson Reed. 

The broadcast then returned to the ring and Isaiah "Swerve" Scott introduced the audience to his new faction 'Hit Row.' AJ Francis is now called Top Dolla, Ashante "Thee" Adonis remains Ashante "Thee" Adonis and Briana Brandy is now B-Fab. 

Next, fans were presented with the latest clip between Cameron Grimes and Ted DiBiase. The Technical Savage was at an auction for a mansion this week and he kicked off the bidding at $2 million. Grimes' plan was scuppered soon after, though, after an unknown man bid $20 million and won the auction. That man was, of course, Ted DiBiase who revealed himself much to Grimes' anger once again. An interesting sidenote was Blake Christian was one of the bidders at the auction. He must have racked up millions since signing with WWE earlier this year. 

After a break, Zoey Stark vs. Toni Storm was set for next week and Stark said it won't be an upset when she wins. 

Oney Lorcan was then in the ring for a match with Kyle O'Reilly. They had a fun match that featured plenty of grapples and strikes and Kool Kyle picked up the win following a Brainbuster and Diving Knee Drop. 

Pete Dunne immediately climbed into the ring to assault O'Reilly after the match but the returning Bobby Fish suddenly charged to the ring and saved his former Undisputed ERA stablemate. O'Reilly thanked Fish for making the save but told him he is doing his own thing right now. Fish said he knows that and pointed out he has his own scores to settle with Lorcan and Dunne. They then acknowledged they would see each other down the road and departed on friendly terms. 

Following this, Bronson Reed cut a promo and announced the North American Title match on next week's show will now be a Steel Cage match following a chat with William Regal. 

It was then time for the main event and Kushida defended the NXT Cruiserweight Championship against Santos Escobar in a Two Out Of Three Falls Match. 

Legado del Fantasma tried to turn the match in Escobar's favour during the opening seconds but MSK appeared from out of nowhere and laid them out, leading to both teams being ejected from ringside. 

This made the remainder of the contest an even playing field and the former King Cuerno dominated the opening minutes and wore Kushida down with repeated submissions and methodical offence. 

The Time Splitter eventually managed to fight back but Escobar quickly regained the upper hand and connected with the Phantom Driver to win the first fall. 

Escobar looked cool and confident following the restart but his smile was quickly turned upside down after Kushida caught him with a Cross Armbreaker and Santos tapped out before a great amount of damage was done.  

NXT went to a break after the second fall and Kushida spent the next several minutes targeting Escobar's arm while the Ledago del Fantasma leader would intermittently connect with some offence of his own. 

Kushida eventually managed to lock in the Hoverboard Lock but Escobar reversed it into an Inside Cradle for a close near fall. The near falls then continued and both men came close to picking up the win, but they battled on and ended up on the top turnbuckle soon after. Kushida managed to connect with a Spanish Fly and he locked in the Hoverboard Lock again. Escobar was trapped for what felt like an eternity, but he eventually managed to make it to the ropes.

The damage had been done, though, and The Time Splitter hit a Lifting DDT and followed up with a Suplex before he trapped both of Escobar's arms against the mat to win the third fall and the match. 

Following the excellent match, Kushida celebrated as NXT went off the air. 

Check out the full results from NXT below:
• Karrion Kross def. Austin Theory
• MSK def. Breezango
• Pete Dunne def. Leon Ruff
• Raquel Gonzalez def. Mercedes Martinez - NXT Women's Championship
• Kyle O'Reilly def. Oney Lorcan
• Kushida def. Santos Escobar - Two Out Of Three Falls Match for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship

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