WWE Originally Booked Miro To Have Erectile Dysfunction During Feud With Bobby Lashley

The idea was quickly dropped...

From September 2019 to February 2020, Miro (FKA Rusev) and Bobby Lashley were locked in a heated rivalry after Lana left her husband to be with The All Mighty. The feud featured many over the top moments including the former Bulgarian Brute hiding in a cake during Lana and Lashley's wedding and Liv Morgan claiming she had an affair with The Ravishing Russian. 

At one point, Lana even claimed she was nine weeks pregnant with Rusev's baby and that he was a sex addict, but this part of the storyline was quickly dropped. 

Miro reflected on being a storyline sex addict during the AEW: Unrestricted podcast and he revealed WWE originally booked him to have erectile dysfunction.

The Best Man said: "That's when I came out and they wanted CJ to say that I'm a sex addict, but the original pitch was that I have erectile dysfunction. They really wanted to kill me like completely because I don't think in anybody's eyes how the babyface has erectile dysfunction and he's somewhat of a good guy... 

"There's nothing wrong with people having erectile dysfunction... That was not the case here and there's no coming back from it. There's absolutely no coming back from it. And I told him, 'Vince, this is gonna bury me completely.' He had the man that took my wife and now I have erectile dysfunction and then I'm gonna lose. Well, I was not supposed to lose anyway, but that just changed in time. I just told him, 'No, I think it's a better idea if we do the sex addict thing.' He went for it right away."

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