WWE Planning Gimmick Change For The Revival

Their contracts expire in early 2020...

Since they debuted in NXT, The Revival has been one of the most successful tag teams in WWE. They have held the NXT Tag Team Championships on two occasions, and since their promotion to the main roster, they have won both the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team titles.

Wilder and Dawson have primarily been serious characters in WWE, but the company has previously tried to inject a dose of comedy into their gimmicks.

Back in May, Dawson and Wilder rejected new contracts with the company as they were unhappy with their creative direction. Following this, The Top Guys were presented as comedy characters. During one segment on Monday Night Raw, Wilder was caught shaving Dawson's back, which then became a running joke on the weekly programme.

While this angle was quickly forgotten about on TV, Dave Meltzer has reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that WWE is planning to turn the tag team into comedy characters again. Wilder falling over during his entrance on last week's episode of SmackDown was supposed to be the start of the change.

The plan has received mixed reactions backstage, and Meltzer admits it may be kiboshed in the coming weeks.

For the avoidance of doubt, Meltzer penned: "The booking plan on SmackDown is to turn The Revival into comedy characters. There are mixed feelings on this for obvious reasons and it still may get shot down, but the deal where Wilder tripped and fell during the ring entrance was supposed to be the start of it. The Revival only has a few months left on their contracts and haven’t agreed to a new deal after attempting to get a release months ago. The proposed idea is to do a spoof of the Fabulous Ones, which, funny enough, is actually the original Fargos heel gimmick in the late 50s."

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