WWE Planning To Relaunch Semi-Regular Show

WWE are reportedly keen to bring back an old show.

WWE are reportedly planning to relaunch an old show in conjunction with their new deals with Fox and NBCU, according to Brad Shepard of BarnBurner.ca.

The show in question is Saturday Night's Main Event, which initially ran from 1985 to 1992. In the pre-Raw era it acted as an infrequently-broadcast special, helping to carry storylines from pay per view to pay per view. One particularly famous episode includes a battle royal featuring Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, shortly before their legendary match at WrestleMania III.

WWE revived Saturday Night's Main Event in 2006, but it only ran until 2008 before being scrapped.

According to Shepard, upon relaunch, the show will take place several times a year - specifically  before 'big dates':

'I have learned that an occasional special event, thought to be a reboot of Saturday Night's Main Event, will be televised once WWE enters its new television deals with Fox and NBCU.  The special is expected to happen several times throughout the year, with each event being strategically placed before big dates, like the Saturday night before the NFL's Super Bowl.  Airing of the events would be split between NBC and Fox.  WWE was scheduled to announce this between the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.'

WWE's recently-agreed TV deals will see SmackDown move to Fox, prompting speculation that the blue brand will be re-positioned as the promotion's flagship show. It's worth noting that WWE did recently refer to SmackDown as its flagship show on social media, but also did the same with regards to Raw.

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